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These horses are feedlot horses. They are headed to slaughter unless they find a home through this page. We work directly with the kill buyers and they have given us the opportunity to find these horses a loving home prior to being shipped for slaughter. We cannot inspect them for soundness or health. Horses are not warrantied and there are no refunds. Once horse is paid for they are your responsibility on/off the lot.

They have more than likely been run through auctions before arriving at the kill Lot, so they have been subjected to all kinds of things. It's best to have your new horse/donkey/mule seen by a vet.

We are given what information that exists from the kill buyers, who are the ones directly working with and taking videos of the horses/mules/donkeys. We list all information we are given.

Please note that these horses come from auctions and feedlot/kill lots.

It's recommended you quarantine for 30 days before your horse is introduced to other horses. This can be done at your place if you have a separate place to keep them. If not, we can help you arrange for quarantine for an additional cost.

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